Health Care For All or Just a Few?

The Who:

I see the ladies and gentlemen in Washington DC are using us again.  Seems they come up with something or another every few years that gets everyone at each others throats… Let’s, the American People, put a stop to it once and for all.

It matters not if you’re a capitalist.  It doesn’t matter if you are a socialist.  Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative.. Health Care for All is a good idea.

The What:

It is time to consider Medicare for All.  In fact it is past time.  We can’t continue this vacillation in our economy.  We have the most expensive health care in the world.. and it’s no longer considered the best. Something must be done and quickly!

The When:

Now.  While all of those elected “representatives”  are in Washington working on “health care”.   (it is  actually a 400 billion dollar tax break for the very wealthy no matter what they call the bill.)
Aren’t you tired of politicians whom have health care, you and I subsidize, screaming about how unfair it is for big business to have to have minimum standards?  How unfair it is that industry has to be limited to 20% net profit?                                                                     Yes.. now is the time for us to make our voices heard.

The How.

It will actually be pretty simple.  Change the qualifications in the original medicare act to include all Americans. If you have a social security number you qualify.  We can pay for it too… and all of us would save thousands of dollars a year.  Yes.. thousands of dollars a year.  Stop spending more on health care monthly than you do on your home.

We double the current medicare tax.  Close loopholes so that all of us pay exactly the same percentage of our income from all sources for the program. (added benefit of saving the long-term financial health for this program.)   We can afford this.  We are the richest country in the History of the World.  If we, the middle class, can shrug off a two trillion-dollar loss ( the effect of the 2008 recession on the middle class) we can do this.. and do it right.

The Why

All of us are getting killed by health care.  We pay way to much.  Medicare for all would free up thousands of dollars yearly for almost every family that carries insurance. (No Premium’s)  Employers would be able to give raises, enjoy better profits, perhaps even lower prices.  Big business would reap huge rewards that will never be matched by any sort of tax reform.  It is a win – win all the way around.  Even insurance companies would win.  Yep.. they could sell supplemental insurance policies to 350 million Americans.  Medicare for all is a win – win all of the way around.  It is time to stop making bologna excuses for not doing this.

Please consider this carefully.. I believe this is what we need to do..




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